Mark Pezzelato: Storyteller

Mark William Pezzelato is the owner and operator of Pezmosis Music Productions, an audio and video recording facility that he founded and incorporated in 2003. Mark has produced thousands of songs and has worked with many artists, individuals, and corporations producing songs for movies, commercials, and much more. He is a professional drummer, guitarist, bassist, pianist, and singer. Mark is a children’s performer who has most recently written a rock musical called Marky Monday’s Adventures in Dreamland where he teaches children the values of love and respect as well as the importance of honesty and integrity. He is also known for performing in festivals and private parties as The Mad Hatter. Mark is an experienced Vipassana meditator who has written three books: Transformations: Your Inner Guide to Self-Exploration, Invest In Yourself, and Stories and Lessons From My Father’s Life.

Mark Pezzelato makes his living performing, recording music, and writing. On his 34th birthday he woke up for the first time in his brand new house in Stouffville Ontario, which was paid for by producing Karaoke music. Mark gives to many charities by putting on musical events such as Summer Jam for We Can Change The World Day. He also gives to the Heart and Stroke Foundation, sick kids, and has raised funds for cancer research at Southlake Hospital in Newmarket.

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